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Project Macondo- Reducing piracy in Latin America

Studies by the International Data Corporation (IDC), 65% of the software installed in Latin America in 2007 were illegal. The aim was to raise awareness of legality in the region and for this BSA | The Software Alliance, a global leader in defense of selected software industry since 2007, collaborated with Axon Comunicacion International Corp. as agency marketing and public relations in Latin America.

The project was carried out under 3 essential strategic pillars.

Generating quality media coverage around the problem by making use of special studies and reports with real data about piracy.
Training and awareness of authorities about the crime, involving them in the crusade by sending reports and reports on piracy.
Direct reach to the entrepreneurship, which also played an important role, which is why the knowledge of good management practices and activities within software companies promoted: Software Assets Management.
The synergy working between The BSA | The Software Alliance and Corporate Communications Axon had the most important result for the five years of sustained work with a reduction of 4% reduction in the rate of software piracy in Latin America during 2012 (from 65% to 61% according to studies by IDC). The campaign was supported with media coverage of nearly 5000 articles published in relation to the negative impact of illegal software and the benefits of the law. Nearly a thousand officials were trained on computer crime and a total of 2000 companies agreed to information resources on good practices and good software management.
The project received the Gold Eikon award, given be the magazine Revista Imagen in 2012 to the best campaign of social marketing and the SABRE Awards Americas 2014 to the best Latin American campaign.