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International Seminar of Microfinances 2013

The Caja Municipal de Ahorro y Trujillo (Trujillo CMAC) a key player of microfinance in northern Peru faced the challenge of highlighting their presence as organizer of the International Seminar on Microfinance, activity on behalf of the Peruvian Federation Municipal Banks, who is known for being the focus of discussion of the main trends.

The first step was the construction of corporate narrative accompanying media activities and a powerful mechanism for accreditation for journalist’s participants. The development of the campaign led to the main spokespersons of the company to a round of interviews with the major economic means local and national levels. In the activities, it was also worked on generating editorial content and special supplements. Finally, the main event keynotes were used to generate depth interviews on site, with leading international exhibitors

The project, meant to CMAC Trujillo him his first systematic approach to media nationwide as El Comercio, RPP, Canal N, Diario Gestion among others. The campaign counted about 100 publications through print, online, and television, as well as putting on the agenda the issue of microfinance and its contribution to small and medium businesses