Positioning Senior Executives | Axon I Marketing y Comunicación

With 40 years of experience in corporate investigations, mitigation and risk control, Kroll Advisory Solutions is a leader in corporate security company worldwide presence.
In his entry into the Mexican market its goal was to position the leadership of its expert opinions on key topics for a growing country as corporate security, fraud prevention, business intelligence, cyber security, physical and strategic security.
Supported by Axon Comunicacion International Corp., the company has developed a strong corporate narrative that has generated effective relationships with key local media. It has also promoted the presence of Kroll on topical issues through the annual presentation of the Global Fraud Survey prepared with The Economist. The sustained campaign has allowed the expert opinion of Kroll part of local and regional debate on issues of corruption, bribery, and fraud in Revista Expansion, Revista Poder y Negocios, El Universal, CNN en Español, among others.