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4G LTE: the milestone of telecommunications in Latin America

How to position the leadership and innovation of a company in the complex context of telecommunications in Latin America? Showing what are the advantages of a new technology and its impact on society.

Marketing activities supported by Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) worked on the media campaign by generating monthly interviews with leading technical company spokespeople. He also considered the development of editorial columns and press releases with ad hoc content related to the tangible benefits of 4G LTE technology.

The presence of NSN in major telecommunications fairs as Mobile World Congress 2013 and Futurecom Event allowed to disseminate the latest innovations around this new technology.

Finally, articles and info graphics sent to specialized press helped spread the vision of the company in 2020.

The campaign generated media coverage close to 600 positive articles about 4G LTE, its advantages and the changes it will bring to the mobile phone industry. Important regional media addressed the issue from an objective point of view and adjusted to their local contexts. The increased visibility of NSN facing the press, making experts, spokespersons reference telecommunications issues and mobile broadband