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Peru, Empire of hidden treasures in Colombia

The global crisis reduced the number of travelers from Europe and North America, which is why the main tourist offices in Latin America began to look inward and threading their best marketing tools to attract more travelers in South America.

In this context, since 2010 Axon Comunicacion International Corp. accompanies PROMPERÚ as its representative on arrival to Colombia.

The working relationship with the Colombian tour operation, media relations plan, BTL activities, Peruvian presence at fairs and relationships with opinion leaders has allowed deep sink in the main makers of Colombian tourism and the end user.

Among the results obtained during the first three years, the number of tourists from the countries of South America to Peru obtained a growth of 11%. Where stands for Colombia with a 19% increase rating. Positive mentions of the main tourist attractions in Peru and Colombian media reaches two thousand publications. They have completed over a thousand hours of training on the destination information to tour Colombian operation and the presence of Peru has been highlighted in major trade fairs as ANATO and Flower Fair. All this has contributed to the positioning of the proposed multicast transmitting country brand: a Peru for everyone.