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Historic start of the Rally Dakar 2013

On January of 2013, the capital of Peru had in hands the start of the Rally Dakar, one of the most famous automobilist competition worldwide. The Rally was a crucial opportunity to highlight the great level of organization of Peru in global events and, at the same time, generated an important opportunity of regional promotion of the destinations that accompany the Rally route.

The pan-regional strategy was carried out in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. A cabinet 24/7 responsible for promoting the dissemination of content highlighting the main tourist attractions of cities like Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna (referred to Rally route) was implemented.

Through effective relationships, unions and Peruvian institutions related to the sector were made aware of the positive impact the activity had on tourism and the national economy.

In addition, taking as its starting point the official press conference launch in Dakar Lima, worked on positioning the Dakar Rally as “a party for Peru” through positive and news stories related to the event.

Also supported the royalty and VIPs pilots involved in the 2013 Dakar Rally, positive experiences were shared about the destination. Finally, in an effort to create opportunities to highlight the levels of organization and commitment of the host country were carried out lunches and dinners relationship between the main Peruvian tourism officials and major media that accompanied the car race.

The results were conclusive, as the host country Peru scored over 2500 positive mentions in the major media and trade in Latin America (outside of sports clearly stated). Leaders of local and regional opinion and the major television and radio networks in Latin America, emphasized the great organization, the tourist attractions and the rich landscape of Peru. Peru was in the eyes of the world and gave their best to live the party Dakar.

  • This project was the winner of the 2013 Prize Eikon campaign category with media relations at the regional level.
  • The project was the winner of Honorable Mention in the Best Event Press / Media Tours category of PR Daily Media Relations Award from the American magazine PR Daily