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Tourism and external commerce

The tourism ecosystem continues to evolve and the presence of end user empowerment, focusing heavily on the use of technology, from previous research, booking travel or shared experiences. At the same time, for the chain of operators and agents continues to demand information and transparency on the behavior of its main target destinations.

Customers related to the tourism sector, find, at Axon Comunicacion International Corp., extensive experience in the representation of countries, provinces, and tourism enterprises. We are also able to provide a broad and deep network of relationships with media and contacts with major industry players enabling anticipate trends and increase interest and visibility about a product or destination.

Our specialty counts with an international recognition for good practice and has developed marketing activities and communication in Latin America and USA for clients such as: PROMPERÚ, Ministerio de Turismo del Uruguay, Ministerio de Turismo de Ecuador, LAN, AVIANCA, Australian Trade Comission, The Pacific Alliance, Municipalidad de Yopal, Alcaldía de Mani, among others.


The constant changes in the models of business, the increase of the competence, the unexpected twists of the IT and Telcos industry, the growing demand of data and the accelerated rhythm of technological advancements need to be accompanied by a right strategic deployment of communication based in generating value and difference.

In Axon we count with a series of tools that permit our clients to connect with all the top audiences of the sector, to be able to highlight the benefits of the cloud computing, explain how the software is in charge of taking care of a variety of necessities, transmit the benefit of 4G and the mobile broadband, to highlight the proactivity of the mobile application, face the polemics of privacy and security of the data, predict the challenges of the connectivity to a future, among others.

Accompanied by a profound net of contacts in communication Media, specialized Media, analysts and technological guilds, we are able to create and execute strategies B2B or B2C directed to clients, shareholders, partners, press and community.

Our practice has been recognized in the top markets of Latin America and we have developed shares of marketing and communication for clients such as: BSA | The Software Alliance, Microsoft, GeneXus, Open International Systems, Mattica, Fotolia, Siesa, PayU Latam, among others.

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness companies in Latin America face a complex picture: growing competition, Battle of costs, consistent regulation, health reforms requiring the implementation of a marketing strategy that generates differentiation.

Axon Comunicacion International Corp. has a regional perspective, resources and people to support organizations with the aim of helping people to live longer and better. If it comes to hospitals, insurers, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, consumer groups or drugs, personal care products, natural foods among others, we partner with our clients to turn knowledge into action and we are able to help businesses and the category leading brands to engage audiences and tell their best stories.

Our regional offices have developed awareness campaigns, product launches, media relations, agendas relationship and reputation campaigns for clients related to health and wellness industry such as: Hospital San José, Asociacion Colombiana de Medicina Interna, Bodytech, Consejo Empresarial Dental Mexicano, Heel, Fundacion Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud, Colsanitas, Instafit, among others.

Processes of Expansion

The products and high quality services are global in scale. Economic growth markets showing Latinos arouse the interest of companies to expand their borders. In this process, communication plays a very important role and enhances marketing strategy.

The approach of a new market with a new brand is not easy. It needs an exercise capable of interacting with the environment: government, distribution channels, investors, press, and community.

We go beyond the mere exercise of launch and we tend strong structural relationships for organizations to provide posts from all angles: as a maker of business, as an employer, as a seller and as a good neighbor. In Axon we are able to help brands develop communication strategies at the regional level, with successful formulas to enter new markets.

We have developed perception audits, branding campaigns, product launches, corporate presentations, agendas relationship, union approaches, governmental approaches for clients such as: PayU Latam, Fotolia, Open Systems International, Commscope, among others.

Professional Services

In a competitive environment, the firms of professional service need to build, hold or increment their good reputation to justify their value added to the companies that advice.

From bureaus lawyers seeking to defend the position of their clients, to scout a signature showing the main trends of management in their country; customers in areas such as legal, financial advisory, accounting, and business solutions talent resort to Axon to transmit one voice in its leadership and the differential value that the company has cultivated after years of experience.

We focus on building a strong entrepreneurial narrative, change the voice of the brand through its main corporate spokesmen and use the best channels in order to establish a real dialogue with the various public and key opinion leaders, actions necessary to maintain competitiveness.

We have developed launches of studies, agendas of relationships, interactive presentations, media relations and other marketing activities and communication for clients such as Western Union, A&D Ingenieros civiles y Portuarios , CT Partners, Sodexo, Kroll, Heidrick & Struggles, among others.

Financial Services

Be it the promotion of financial products, construction of the brand, mergers acquisitions or the construction of the reputation in the key audience, the objective of Axon Comunicacion International Corp. is always the same: to accompany you in your success.

The financial services industry faces constant challenges that require strong communication with entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, consumers, policymakers and the media.

Our teams possess a technical knowledge that allows them to better understand the problems of the sector and creative packaging ideas to convey messages with impact. From loyalty campaigns and personal finance for high-end segments to promote financial literacy in unbanked populations. Axon uses built relationships with journalists, bloggers, trade media, trade association, regulators and governments to take effective and transparent with the best image of their clients.


Study centers were no longer isolated institutions before. Currently interact in competitive environments in the same way that large corporations do. They face the challenge of building brand, communicate efficiently and maintain satisfied students, alumni, parents, donors, researchers and citizen’s environments.

The new education environment requires transparent and is geared to demonstrate the value of the institution in society communication. Axon Comunicacion International Corp. offers its customers a range of marketing and communications activities including strategic media relations, positioning specialist training schools of thought, perception research, presentation events, crisis management, and outreach to other actions forged its reputation and strengthen its leadership.


The globalization of the field and global interest for the growing demand of food are some of the factors that accompany the complex panoramic of the agroindustry. We are conscious of how hard it is to find a right partner for external marketing that helps to create a better reputation and increment the sales.

Our combination of consultants and agronomists know thoroughly the production of agribusiness from the earth to the table of the consumer. We count with their necessary flexibility to discuss the company’s strategy from their offices or accompany them on their day on the field.

We are able to perform activities such as branding, product launch, product positioning, awareness campaigns, activities with the sales force, organization event, participation in exhibitions, positioning of executives, audits perception among other actions that will provide the momentum reputational necessary to increase sales and position their brands.

Communication B2B

We align the language of your business to clearly communicate the benefits of your offer in the competitive world of B2B. What makes us different is the ability to provide innovative and adapted solutions to the marketing objectives of our clients.

In addition to support them in creating a powerful corporate narrative, we offer integrated communications and marketing programs that focus on raising awareness among customers and potential customers, the relevant media and influential decision-makers.

If it comes to training the sales force with the seller discourse, make shows and industry events, generate positive reviews by the specialized media, Axon team is attentive to generate opportunities to increase brand loyalty and ensure their stories are heard.

We have developed actions and B2B marketing communications for clients such as: BSA| The Software Alliance, Microsoft, GeneXus, Sodexo, Moen, and IPS, among others.